Robotic Process Automation

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Automate everything! With revolution of AI, sky is the limit. We can help you to reduce manual IT or process labor by automating all mundane task.

Types of Automation

Configurable Automation using specific tools as UiPath and Win Automation.

Scenario / Use Cases:

  • Automating data entry
  • Data extraction from documents
  • Running program at schedule

Process Automation simplifies sequential task using custom script utilizing more than one type of Automation tools.

Scenario / Use Cases:

  • Automating data entry
  • Running program at schedule

Uses AI and ML to further enhance existing automated processes. Done by bringing in the element of human cognition into the automation workflow and paving the way for learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

Scenario / Use Cases:

  • Chatbot

Value Driven Deliver Process


Identification of Problem


Value Case Proposition


Proof of Concept / Design




Deployment & Training

Benefits of Automation

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Reduction of Manual Task
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Reduction of Process Errors
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of Uptime
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ROI within first 6 Months

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